Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the advantages of using SludgeNet over wet hauling or using a belt press?
A: Reduced truck traffic (less wear and tear on roads and safer streets), lower operating costs, extremely clean and quiet.
Q: What do we need to get started?
A: New customers must fill out a one page customer info sheet and provide the most current TCLP for landfill approval.
Q: How many gallons per hour can SludgeNet process?
A: One SludgeNet Dewatering unit is capable of processing 30,000-50,000 gallons of sludge in about 5 hours. We have the ability to hook multiple trailers together to increase capacity.
Q: Who disposes of the sludge?
A: SludgeNet disposes of the sludge at approved local landfills.
Q: How quickly can SludgeNet start hauling sludge from our plant?
A: SludgeNet can generally begin servicing your plant within 3-5 business days pending landfill approval.
Q: How loud is the SludgeNet process?
A: Unlike wet haulers we shut our trucks off while processing so our system is extremely quiet.
Q: How far will SludgeNet travel to service a plant?
A: Currently SludgeNet operates within a 100 mile radius of Houston but geographic expansion is part or our growth strategy so... just ask us.
Q: What other services does SludgeNet offer?
A: SludgeNet now offers vacuum truck services for digesters and lift stations.