SludgeNET Mobile Dewatering Systems
SludgeNet’s mobile dewatering system is the most efficient way to dispose of the sludge generated by wastewater treatment plants. Typically the waste generated by wastewater plants is 98% water which is taken to belt presses, centrifuges or drying beds for evaporation and then the dry solids are taken to the landfill.
SludgeNet "gets the water out" and returns it back to the plant. The solids go directly from the wastewater treatment plants to the landfill. The results are cost efficient, eco friendly and safer due to drastically reduced truck traffic.
SludgeVAC Continuous Vacuum Unit
Our SludgeVac system is designed to operate as a self contained vacuum unit or used in tandem with one of our Sludgenet dewatering trailers to vacuum digesters and lift stations. The dual tank system makes it possible to quickly discharge the solids and resume vacuuming within minutes. This allows the SludgeVac system to run continuously so it doesn’t waste time shutting down to go to the landfill.
To lease a SludgeNet Dewatering trailer and a portable polymer unit - please contact Tim -
SludgeNET system can help you expand your pumper business
- Remote Pumper Disposal / DeWatering
- Spill cleanup
- Grease dewatering
- Industrial dewatering
Ask us about our Portable Polymer Unit.